Motilda includes strong, figurative texts in Russian, a cinematographic trumpet, and voice: warm and one-of-the-kind voice of Alina Rostotskaya.

There are few artists today who dare to write and sing from the bottom of their heart, Alina is one of them. Her intonations are neither pretentious nor deliberate, she has found some mesmerizing simplicity.

Her music speaks to the listener as if they were close friends - in a genuine, warm and simple manner. There is some extreme vulnerability in it and at the same time there is power. Motilda's lyrics are on the one hand very personal, and on the other hand they are about each of us, about the time we live in.

Motilda team consists of wonderful musicians, involved in a variety of projects of different styles, from Gayana to Feduk, Guru Groove Foundation and Basta: Salman Abuyev — trumpet; Maxim Shibin — guitar; Dmitry Chemirev - keyboard; Alexander Akhmayev — drums.

Motilda music brings us back to ourselves, helps us stay in the present moment.